30 May 2008

Dangerous Admissions by Jane O'Connor

I am a self proclaimed "How-To" book reader but have recently decided to change my ways and explore more of the "Entertainment" reading for the experience type of booke.

I am getting my reading list together as I have been researching for a new project at work and found Dangerous Admissions. It is about a divorced mother of two, copywriter, who gets caught up in a murder mystery at her son's prep school. The main character utilizes her skills as a copyeditor to solve the mystery.

This may very will be my first book of the summer.

Music Inspiration: Jose Gonzalez

I was been doing a lot of research lately and happened to find this great artist Jose Gonzalez. Is mellow sound set to poetic lyrics is refreshing. It has been hard for me to find music with the a throw back to folk sounds.

My Dad would take me on long canoeing trips and the drive to the rivers were filled with Joan Baez, Tracy Chapman, and Simon and Garfunkel to name a few. That kind of song writing and melodic sound brings be make to my childhood. Its the sound I prefer most of the time strangely enough. It is sometimes amazing to recognize that some of my parents "favorites" are now my own.

29 May 2008

Eat Me- Colorful Free-associations

Cameron delivers on the free association of color relationships creating thoughtful art will oil based paint and small canvases creating a larger picture. Carnival Cruise Ship adds have ripped off this idea and there are is even a program develop to take a grouping of photos to create a master photo.

Check her art out...

23 May 2008

20mile Run This Weekend

22 May 2008

Going Green 2008

NY Times Artical

I remember hanging laundry with my mother as a kid. It was so much fun to play hide and seek. The smell of the clothes was so fresh. Yes it was a lot of work to put them up and take them down but it was time I was able to enjoy being outside with my mother. The Florida sunshine and breeze was so cool in the morning. It would rain everyday like clockwork in the afternoon. Sometimes the day would get away from us and we would be running out to grab the laundry off the lines before they became soaked. Racing out to the lines with my mom was so much fun and exciting. We giggled as we pulled our sheets and shirts off without even unclipping each pin.

This summer I am going to reduce my energy bill and save some green... by hanging up my laundry. Lets just see how much we can save.