05 June 2008

Printing on Leaves

Example one:

This example is great but it lacks details of the process. Chlorophyll Photography is really the only clue. I have to try this.Craft Zine: How to Print of Leaves

Example two:

Photo Girl is a great artist and is currently playing with this medium.

Example three:

Binh Danh prints pictures on leaves:
From start to finish, his technique is this: Binh Danh begins by picking a leaf -- often from his mother's garden. To keep it from drying out, he fills a small bag with water and ties it to its stem. He places the leaf on a felt-covered board, and puts a negative directly on the leaf (he has an archive of images he's collected from magazines and purchased online). He places glass over the leaf, clips the glass and board together, and puts the assemblage on the patio roof.

Binh Danh will check the image periodically to see how it's "baking." The process can last days or weeks. Four out of five times, he's dissatisfied, and throws the leaf away. But when the chlorophyll print is right -- whether precisely rendered or eerily vague -- he takes the leaf, fixes it in resin, and frames it.

Source:NPR's Ketzel Levine profiles Vietnamese-born photographer Binh DanhNPR

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