23 July 2008

Coming Into Myself

Mom taking a picture of Dad taking a picture of me and the sea gulls.

Is of late, I have truly come into myself. Happy home-life with my husband, great job and great talent to work with, second family at church, establishing an amazing mentor, creating true friends, being successful with design and continuously learning. My 2008 goals were to be true to myself. Be empowered to do more with my life and to achieve my goals in faith.

Losing my Dad this year was hard. But it many ways it showed me how strong I am. And that I am not afraid of the truth, and that I don't have shame of who he was or the men before him. He taught me to have confidence, dignity and even humility.

He also taught me that you are as sick as your secretes. When you can't speak on issues that troubles you, you give those issues power over you. He often would be sick in many other ways than his physical aliments. But when he was of sound mind, he was true to himself and others. Many lack the courage and conviction to be this way. It is not an easy road but the truth always prevails...

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