20 August 2008

What to do with old Comic Books?

I made notebook covers on small pads of paper. I am going to be selling these and more soon!

19 August 2008

Membership! Please!

I need to be a member of FFFound!. I can't stand it. The only to become a member is to find someone else who has already join and have them invite you.... but everyone I know has already used there invite passes!!!! ugghhhhhh I need to join!

17 August 2008

Barral Fabien's "hi" Portfolio Work

Just love this designers work. It is really a great medium of texture and pattern.

Stickers For Your Walls

You can create your own or order from what is in stock. They are like vinyl letters that are still removable. Check out harmonie interieure. Love it! Ikea is also selling this kind of wall decor.

My New Hair Cut!

This is for my Mom! I cut it off. Tired of not having a style.

Andrea Joseph: More Than A Ballpoint Pen

Andrea Joseph please draw my picture! I love that this fine artist can use such common tools to create approachable art.

Graphis Annual 1965-66

These pages almost look like they could be of today's modern type.

12 August 2008

K Jun

K Jun is an amazing digital artist. It looks almost real. I love her earrings.. maybe he should partner with a jeweler.

The bird she is holding is a symbol for healing... nice touch. I like how he explored different formats for her hair.