17 October 2008

Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

I designed these desktop wallpapers to spread some spooky cheer. Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

07 October 2008

Eduardo Recife

Eduardo Recife is amazing. Brazilian-born illustrator Eduardo is an old-school thinker. Influenced by Dadasim and the surrealist movement that followed, his work is collage, graffi, found and personal. A follower of philosophy over past history, has Eduardo in a class of his own. His style of combining type and image to create a new idea is not only beautiful to look at but thought provoking.

Misprinted Type is his personal playground.

Mark James

Mark James brings you his latest creation 99% is Shit; a 7.5 inch high Vinyl figure displaying a pretty overt commentary on the worlds artistic output. Limited to 99 pieces worldwide, each set is handsigned and numbered by Mark. Simply said, I wish I had one.

Bast "Nose Candy"

June 14 Brooklynite Gallery hosted the grand opening of BAST’s solo show, Nose Candy. The show features a wild collection of twisted collage and installation pieces from the Brooklyn-based artist.

Aiko NakaGawa

I wish I could see her art in person. Akio NakaGawa

03 October 2008

Paper, Paperless Holiday Card

Great Christmas Card

Harvest Inspiration

Pantone came out with this great reference of fall leaves and reference the color to a PMS chip. This has been out for a while but it is still a classic.

Illustration: Mike Lowery

Mike Lowery is now signed to Lilla Rogers. I was checking out her blog for Halloween inspiration for a retail client.


Second-Hand Glam: Sarah Cihat

Made from re-fired and re-glazed second-hand finds, these dapper plates and platters come in a myriad of cool designs. Her pottery DIRT also has a witty and cheeky vibe that will leave you completely smitten!