20 November 2008

Western White House: Streets of Chicago

Sally Ryan for The New York Times

A New Wind is Blowing in Chicago by Jeff Zeleny.

Check out this article. When I visit Chicago for business, it is filled with place and people to see. I would love to visit now after such a huge win. The streets seemed to be filled with art inspired political posters.

04 November 2008



Today is more than voting for a leaders to stand for many. Today is truly a defining moment in history. On the surface we see race and gender at the for front of American politics. It is very obvious on both sides the rally efforts that have been made these past few months. Did it work? Did it hurt the candidates? Are we voting on merit + race or merit + gender? I would like to think the America I see goes beyond these surface differences. Instead, focus our attention to Americas hard issues. My hope is for the next President to help our country revive itself. They both are great. We will see soon!