30 January 2009

Strange yet very interesting.

Inspiration: The Art of Chase

The Art of Chase. At this weeks AIGA MN, Each One Teach One event hosted at the W Hotel, Foshaysupporting Art Buddies, Chase lectured and explain his art to a group of 200.

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. He wore a wooly jacket and looked like he wasn't used to our sub-zero temps. But as he began with a joke and explained his art, something truly extraordinary happened. With each blink of his "Awareness Geezers" looking back at the audience, Chase's positive messages transcended his art. While only using spray paint and stencils to communicate his messages such as, "Giving is Receiving", "You are to blessed to be stressed", "After rain must come sunshine"... etc. people began to engage and attach deep meaning beyond visual appeal.

My favorite campaign from Chase's work is "Remember who you are". He captures the innocence of childhood. A time in life when imagination is work and play isn't a past time. I can't wait to get my hands on a portrait of a young girl. The use of color and shading reminds me of clown like face paint and Buddha. Yet I can somewhat see myself in it too.

29 January 2009

Holy Water... Gone to far?

Have we gone to far? When is selling the brand of Christ okay? Here is Spiritual Water tagline Pray•Drink•Share... each bottle is benefit driven which includes a prayer and an image of our Heavenly family...
I am not sure what to make of it. They don't donate any of the proceeds to the needy and seem to be profiting off of the Christian cornerstone.

Can you really get spirituality from a bottle,from something you buy?

Found this photo on Manifest Hope. Great idea. The Denver Show will be hard to beat. Really great work.

This morning on the Today show there was a segment on how advertisers are riding the Obama "hope/change" Platform. This is to say that his campaign made this idea popular... i would have to differ. Obama has become the conduit for changing America. Primary because of his new position. This is a "brand position" in design. And the fundamental difference between design and advertising is "design" solves a problem and "advertising" greats a problem. The "you need hope/change" is not something you can by all thought many will let you think you can.

I love how artists have infused design to communicate this moment in history. What makes me smile is the reaction of so many when experiencing the art.

I realized something. Art is meaningful when you connect with it. Art isn't great because others say it is. Art is great because you identify with it. Better put...

28 January 2009

Pomegranate Phone: NS08 A phone we have never seen.

One of my co-workers was looking at this great new phone online... it has all the capabilities of phone today and more. If you always wanted a shaver, projector, coffee maker... etc... then this phone is for you... Pomegranate NS08. Yeah right! N.S. stands for something... without giving it away this is a great destination ad. One that truly desires a hand cap...

I would be great if such a phone did exist!

Resources: Chelsea B. and LA Times Blog

27 January 2009

Inauguration Day with CNN & Facebook : Starbucks Ad

During the coverage on CNN & Facebook of the Inauguration, Starbucks aired this really well done add about volunteering at least 5 hours in your community... and if we all made a small commitment it could add up to something really big. As a reward they are offering a free cup of coffee. As good stewards of the environment Starbucks Shared Planet site has all the info you need to get started. Really love the ad. I am hoping to find out who produced it.

It really reminds me of all the YouTube type spots like this one of Nick the Greek.

Inauguration Day with CNN & Facebook

CNN & Facebook partnered to provide watching this historic event with your facebook friends and with other facebook users. As I was working, it was really amazing to not have to miss out on watching history unfold and share it with friends in other states. Here are the screen grabs from that day.

Photographer: Dylan Coulter

Recently Dylan Coulter sent me a photography promo of his trip to Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day, titled "WE WERE THERE". The images really captured the feeling of many and the scope of how important the day was to all. Here are just some of the images taken. Please check out his photography portfolio. There you will find more images of his work and this special day in history.

Mark & Spencer: In-store Cafe

Love, love, love the wall.

Mark & Spencer: In-store Signage

Mark & Spencer has some really create in store way finding signage. Even though I have yet to visit in person. This pics really inspire me to create beautiful and useful way finding. Love the cafe! Makes me what to order a creamy coffee with extra form.

26 January 2009

President's Weekly Address: 1.24.09

Also visit White House Blog and Recovery. Recovery is a new way to have all of us see how recovery funds are spent. Also an oversight board has been assembled to make sure we have an independent review of these funds.

Check out the Recovery Metrics Report that you can download off the White House blog. This outlines his first address and gives more detail of the recovery plan.

Bird Nerd

Esty Shop: Bird Nerd making it lovely. A combination of painting and printed pattern. With a little creativity and some mixed media magic this bird art is great for any room, or as a cards!