30 January 2009

Inspiration: The Art of Chase

The Art of Chase. At this weeks AIGA MN, Each One Teach One event hosted at the W Hotel, Foshaysupporting Art Buddies, Chase lectured and explain his art to a group of 200.

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. He wore a wooly jacket and looked like he wasn't used to our sub-zero temps. But as he began with a joke and explained his art, something truly extraordinary happened. With each blink of his "Awareness Geezers" looking back at the audience, Chase's positive messages transcended his art. While only using spray paint and stencils to communicate his messages such as, "Giving is Receiving", "You are to blessed to be stressed", "After rain must come sunshine"... etc. people began to engage and attach deep meaning beyond visual appeal.

My favorite campaign from Chase's work is "Remember who you are". He captures the innocence of childhood. A time in life when imagination is work and play isn't a past time. I can't wait to get my hands on a portrait of a young girl. The use of color and shading reminds me of clown like face paint and Buddha. Yet I can somewhat see myself in it too.

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