25 February 2009

Origami Sticky Notes

Found on Lazy Bone

Yumi Yumi Esty Shop

Aline's illustration style is charming. She plays with color and her style is playful yet soft. Each piece of artwork tells a story.
Yumi Yumi Esty Shop
Yumi Yumi Blog

24 February 2009

Spring Fever

I am done with winter! Spring is far from springing. In the meantime I want to sew some skirts. Joules has these lovely dresses and the site will even give you good tips for raising chickens! Fashion meets country living. Brits! Always fashion forward.
Joules Clothing

Cosas Minimas By Blanca Gomez

Blanca Gomez love. love. love.

SteamLine Luggage

Travel never looked better. These nostalgic trunks are actually reasonable for what you would pay in a department store. They are on the higher end but you won't sacrifice functionality for fashion.

SteamLine Luggage

20 February 2009

Esty Shop: Lemon Story

Lemon Story NYC has great dresses! This Sunset Yellow number has my name all over it.

Art of Chase: Remember who you are

I just purchased the first image! So excited. Can't wait to get it in the mail next week. Really love this campaign from Chase. See his store for more great work. Art of Chase Store

Target's Red Hot Shop

Red Hot Shop this month offers up this great mug.

Ken Nordine, Color

On MN Film TV are great shorts made by local creatives. One really worth watching is Flesh, Directed by Eric Carlson and Victor Rukavina. They used Ken Nordine's spoken word on color, flesh, as the narration. I looked for it on You Tube but nothing was posted. Here are stills from MN Film TV. Love it!

I really have to get Ken Nordine's Album on color!