20 February 2009

Ken Nordine, Color

On MN Film TV are great shorts made by local creatives. One really worth watching is Flesh, Directed by Eric Carlson and Victor Rukavina. They used Ken Nordine's spoken word on color, flesh, as the narration. I looked for it on You Tube but nothing was posted. Here are stills from MN Film TV. Love it!

I really have to get Ken Nordine's Album on color!

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jonathanbeard said...

use skreemr mp3 search at http://skreemr.com/ to find mp3s in blogs and other websites online. i searched for 'ken nordine colors' and got a few other colors songs that i didn't have. a few were featured on 're search incredibly strange music volume 2' which is a great compilation cd of similar tunes.