27 March 2009

My Summer Garden Plans

After seeing neighbor after neighbor growing their very own produce. I have jumped on the band wagon. Currently, I planted about 72 zinnias. I plan on planting more flowers. I love being able to make my own summer bouquets. Fresh food and fresh flowers!

Burpee has this great tomato rainbow heirloom mix that I am going to try if I can't get seeds locally.
What I hope to grow!

I can't wait to make!

Images VIA: Flickr

Lettuce Buttercrunch (Bibb or Butterhead) is on of my favorite to make salads and have on sandwiches.

Growing Lettuce Instructions: Kiddie Gardens is such a cute site. Instructions for children to grow their own gardens.

Image VIA: Framers Fresh Market

Also Herbs! I plan on growing basil, mint, thyme, cilantro and parsley. Yum!

Yard Ideas: So pretty. I would spent more time outside. Slowly I will get there with my own yard.

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