21 May 2009

David Stark: Event Planning and Good Design

At work and in my home life, I have been involved in much event planning. Looking for some table decor inspiration I came across David Stark. The intro to their site is really to the direct consumer and a little B2B... not much my style or taste but his work is really compelling...

Also checkout their blog Sketchpad

The Metropolitan Opera's 125th Anniversary Gala

Robin Hood Responds Benefit Centerpiece

Sweet Treat Holder by JBdesign

A great reuse idea fromJBdesign. Turn those old records into luncheon fair by serving cookies, fruit, veggies, etc. What a sweet reward for those musical favorites you can't get enough of and don't want to part with. For a while now we have been taking what would of gone in the trash into a new treasure. I hope this trend becomes a tradition.

Joan Grasser Design

Really love this birthday invitation design by Joan Grasser... check out her website

15 May 2009

Vogue Past Fashions

Not sure where I found these on the web, but it is from an older issue of vogue. Regardless thank you to whomever unearthed these lovely images. I want to make a had out of comics...