30 June 2009

Mill City Farmers Market

This past weekend I shared the morning with Ape at the Mill City Farmers Market. The people were fresh and the food was friendly... wait rewind and in reverse. A great way to spend mid-morning in Minnesota.

The Curiosity Shoppe

The Curiosity Shoppe has fun gifts and crafts.

26 June 2009

Olio United

Olio United is an independent, Ethical Fashion & Design shop! love these shoes. The illustration reminds me of my little monsters from halloween.

Designer: Heather Treadway

Olio United


Illustration: Paul Willoughby

Paul Willoughby


First time I was ever grounded was because of Michael Jackson. I was 6 and one of his world premier music vidoes (mini movies) was on for the first time. I lost track of time... it was well into the night and parents were out looking for me. Grounded 2 weeks. I remember saying to my mother... but "it was Michael Jackson... i was fine". I am sure thousands of people are blogging about his legacy and life. As a child of the 80s... need a i say more.

25 June 2009

Baby Chickens!

I'm on more volunteer committees than I'd like to be. So many in fact, that I rarely have a night free. I hope to change this once back from our trip to D.C.!!!!

Last night at committee members home, I heard chirping from a corner in her living room. CHICKS! Reminded me of my childhood, when my dad raised cockateels. I just couldn't get enough of them.

MWM Graphics


I didn't see these in store, but wish i did. Really nice pattern on what in the past has been design for the masses.

24 June 2009

Graphic Designer: Natsumi Nishizumi

Natsumi to my pleasant surprise was featured in Daily Candy, my favorite place to see what is new in fashion, design, gifts... lots of goodies to be seen.

Natsumi is a graphic designer with textile tendencies. Her lovely simple dinner placemates, napkins and coaster inspire me to get my ass in gear and make my own shop. I think it is sometimes the fear of failure and carving out the time to do it.

White Box Design, is her studio. I really love this calendar set made from rubber stamps.

23 June 2009

Country Cat

A few weeks ago I went to a wrap party for my contributions to Formula For Hope, a fundraiser for Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.
It was held at a beautiful country club not to far from Minneapolis. This cat was in the parking lot next to the tennis courts.
Love her coloring and really friendly. Had to take a picture.

2009 Stone Arch Bridge Festival

This past weekend my husband and I went to the Stone Arch Bridge Art Festival. The Stone Arch Bridge crosses the mighty Mississippi. The weather was great. Not to hot, not to cool. I left feeling inspired. It was a great to share with my husband.