19 August 2009

Mary Wells Lawrence: Queen of Advertising

Why — decades after she founded Wells Rich Greene — aren't more women running major ad agencies? "This will probably get me in hot water, but maybe women are too smart," she says, without blinking. "Maybe women have quietly decided to let the men do all that. Women want more meaningful lives that are richer, with more feeling, more variety and more possibilities." This from the woman who ran one of Madison Avenue's hottest ad agencies for 23 years.
- 5/2/2002 by bruce horovitz, usatodayarticle

I need to get her book, A Big Life (in advertising). She is featured in an up coming film ART & COPY I hope we can have this film come to MPLS.

17 August 2009

Abby's Baby Room for little girl

I love the color. So warm and inviting. No pastels to be found in this room. And yes they have a website. find out about monkey

04 August 2009

Idea's for Kitchen


Baby Room

Love the color palette
Found: DesignSponge

Urban Outfitters: Nice Shades Pillowcase Set


Oh I just love these pillow cases! They are on my wishlist.

Terrible Yellow Eyes

Terrible Yellow Eyes collection of works inspired by the book, Where the Wild Things Are, By Maurice Sendak.

Every couple days Cory Godbey updates this blog adding to his collection of great illustrators.

Really love the book growing up. I hope the movie will be just as good. Out October 16

Esty Shop: diffractionFiber

I really need a "command z" pillow set. The toast is really cute too.

Found: diffractionFiber