03 October 2009

Design Camp: Making My Mark Continued

Next workshop SOCIAL MEDIA: THE NEW CREATIVE CONVERSATION with the Geek Girls Nancy Lyons & Meghan Wilker. (SIDE BAR: I work with Meg's mother Madge of viewville)

This is Madge.

Now that we have given props to "the Madge" and I have been paid... Geek Girls workshop was great. We started with: How are we using social media? And what is it really all about? The web was designed for social interaction. Accessibility to creating content and staying connected. Here are a few highlights:

Why use social media?
Personal, Professional and Organizational…
Personal – stay connected with family & friends
Professional – if the content is good you can grow a name for yourself.
Organizational - where and when to communicate

Social media has replaced the number one activity on the web…porn. 60% use social media! say what! I wonder if that will ever be most of our social interaction by using the interweb to connect.

The best way to use social media is to get real. Real honest. Establishing trust before anything else. The relationship has to be real. Here are some examples sighted:
The Cluetrain Manifesto
Best Buy Idea X

Other great tips given during the workshop:
1. Set up a Google Profile. It is free and if someone googles you it will be one of the first sites listed. This is a great way to have some control over where searching will find you.
2. Want to set up tweets in advance? Use Twuffer
3. Want to know how to Monitor Twitter?
This and more on their site.
If you missed their workshop and want more ... just for campers!

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