03 October 2009

Design Camp: Making My Mark

We started the day "making our marks" on our design camp shirts. Thank you Little&Company for all your great design work! After Aaron Draplin opened camp with his mid-west charm. True sales man, true lover of design. Here are a few photos of his preso. Another man's trash is another man's treasure. Check out his summer roadtrip, world's longest yard sale

Draplin up dates his website almost everyday with an entry. He talked about the love of his life Gary, his winer dog. Gary recently had an accident. I hope he will be okay. Draplin rescue's type while selling his merch.

While Draplin uses colorful language to get his passion out for design, there is a sweet gentility and charm I appreciate.

Also check out his new passion Field Notes. Two of everything please!

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