05 October 2009

Design Camp: Pot Luck with DJ Stout

DJ Stout— Self proclaimed magazine man and my new BFF. Stout is a partner for Pentagram’s Austin, TX office. Pentagram is one of the top design studios in the world offering design services in graphics, interiors, architecture and products. They approach selling graphic design without an "account manager" or a "marketing manager". Instead they have cut out the middle man and the partners manage all aspects of business... budgets, expectations and concepts presented. Stout's southern charm and swagger could not be missed. Up top! (high-five)

In his presentation, Stout shared magazine designs:
Dairy Herd
Dairy Today

You can add cow wrangler to the many talents of Stout.


Also other logo work for Popeyes andChicken Now

On of my favorites in is body of work was the Thank you for Smoking for the St. Pete Times in Florida. This was a hypothetical design solution to sell cigarettes. He made smoking look "bad ass". Stout believes, "You have the right to smoke, everyone knows it is bad for you".

Serious good times at Design Camp! You can now follow Stout on Twitter.

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