13 October 2009

Hotdish Hump Day: 10.14 | Cook: Michelle

Get it while it's hot!

Using fresh ingredients from a local Minnesota grower! It tastes better when you know who grow it and where it came from.

Cooking Tips: Cook longer. I found that 30mins isn't long enough. You need about an hour. Also cutting your potatoes thiner will help the cooking process.

Going old school. My dish is from Better Homes and Gardens, 1961, Scalloped Potatoes with Sausage. I have a compulsive habit of collecting old cookbooks. As a graphic designer I just love the photography, illustration and typography.


zara said...

That is so disgusting.

Lara said...

giant hotdogs in a casserole? Who would've thought?

Michelle Rollins said...

ha! ha! love it.

Abby Girl said...

Just an FYI - when the recipe says "DICE" potatoes - they mean like into little small squares - like mini cubes... THAT right there could have been why those potatoes didn't cook through - try that next time and see if that helps...

Just trying to teach you the ways of a MASTER HOT DISHER!! hahahaha

The flava however - was somethin' to SAVA!!