24 November 2009

The one.

I think I found the one. I originally set out to find more info on fostering a cat... that idea went right out the window when I met...well i'm not sure what i'm going to name him but he is a lover. Last night I visited Feline Rescue. Highly recommend if you are looking for a great cat.

Today I thought I would try the new pizza place across the street. (no worries I had a veggie wrap! tomorrow is weigh-in: week 2) And met two great ladies at Cool International. They said this cat was a Hemingway! 6 toes! I should know that being a floridian.

(Cat lover? Check out Hemingway's Cats, An Illustrated Biography.)

He is 8 years old. Exactly what I think my family needs... a professional. The husbee isn't a huge fan of cats but he doesn't hate them either. So with a "It's up to you" blessing from the husbee, I taking this kitty home!

Naming: My dad always made us wait a few days to see what kind of personality the animal had. Following family tradition... here are a few names i'm thinking of based on our meet-n-greet yesterday.

1. Giacomo Casanova: great lover and adventure... this was the first name that came to mind.
2. Marcus Antonius: he is greek (i'm half greek), a great lover and general and my husbee is a Mark.
3. Ernest Miller Hemingway: a contemplative man who loved cats! (that happened to have 6 toes) and his protagonists where men who had grace under pressure.

But we will see after this weekend! (I hope)

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Ape said...

love new kitty kitty cat.