18 November 2009

I am back in the gym and kicking, well my ass. I won the Periscope challenge in 2007 and took home a sweet $720 prize. Without money to motivate, it is now for my health. I would like to be old and not have to take lots of pills or be to sick too enjoy the "golden years". It's time to change it up again. While I love food, I don't want my choices to hold me back.
12 weeks. This is week 1. I am hoping this blog will keep me honest. I plan to do a post a pic at each weigh-in to archive my progress and to keep me honest. Wish me luck!

Oh and if you see or hear me eating candy... rip it out of my hands, slap me and give me the evil eye!
Proof of My Lowest


Ape said...

you can do it!

Michelle Rollins said...

bless your heart!