22 December 2009

Quick Office Project: Cook For Kids Sign up Poster

Periscope has been "cooking for kids" at the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery Center for about 3 years. It is a lot of fun. We get to not only cook, but serve and play with the children. The nursery is a safe place for both parent and child. You can organize a group or your office to cook too... here is how.


Here is the sign-up sheet I created quickly. I was inspired by all the vintage Betty Crocker cookbooks I love so much. The sign-up poster needed to be decorative in our office environment. Hopefully it will grab my co-workers attention and maybe make the great choice to volunteer an evening in 2010.

Personally, I am taking a break from volunteering with the nursery. While I love what they are doing for Minneapolis, am starting new goals for 2010 and maybe trying some new places to volunteer. I think I will miss seeing the kids.

cook for kids desktop wallpaper

why not enjoy the pattern... i made this just for you...download free wallpaper

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