08 December 2009


this whole social thing is crazy. before when someone said did you get my message... it meant voicemail... now it could me an a whole host of mediums. i don't blame some of my friends for wanting to take a step back from online social networking.

twitter is still a tool i'm trying to define. its seems like it is great for people you don't really know and may want to keep at an arms length. best quote of the day, "The list of the top 20 Twitter users reads like an episode of TMZ." So true.

facebook is like my online address book for people who i actually have meet in person and want to see their photos and daily happenings.

it seems like the more we communicate the more confusion there is.

Sites I've tried to simply my digital-self:
Threadsy (which in my opinion is the best right now)
Cotweet (seems a bit horsey and the few co-workers i've talked to don't like)
Tweetdeck (you have to download :(

And I am sure their are thousands more.

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