10 July 2009

"Green" Save the Dates Almost a year later.

Almost a year ago around this time, we sent out these save the dates. I can't believe the leaves have lasted this long. I still have them pinned to my office cord board. We wanted to capture the invitee's attention while keeping cost down and being "green" in mind.

This save the date was design for a Periscope client party. By using fresh magnolia leaves and fresh pressed flowers, we captured the sensations of summer and excitement of the annual summer client party. Each invitee first received a save the date, which included magnolia leaves printed by custom made stamps and wrapped in bright yellow tissue paper sandwiched was between two sheets of chip board. Magnolia leaves last 4 to 6 weeks before turning a lighter shade green. They can last over a year after turning. An elegant invitation quickly followed featuring fresh pressed flowers, which were shot, and place individually to create a vibrant summer bouquet. The handmade typeface reflected the whimsical nature of summer and structure of grass, vines and petals found in nature.


We used grew grass in planter to be placed at each table. Name tags look like corsages and a wax paper good bag so summer salt water taffee. Yum!

08 July 2009

Apart of History: National 911 Memorial

While in Washington D.C. for our 4th of July celebration, we were able to take advantage of a public signing of the steel beams to be used in the memorial construction of the National Sept.11 Memorial & Museum!

We also filled out "Notes of Hope" and recorded our thoughts for future visitors to read. The museum will open 9.11.11. They also allowed us to keep the pen we used to sign the beams which had a special printing of the signing event.

This historic opportunity was well worth the trip to Washington D.C.!

National 911 Memorial for more information on this memorial.

Road to Redemption: Breakfast

After our trip to Washington D.C., I realized how much I have let go. With all the walking, running and eating great food, the experience made me remember how much I love being fit, active and eating healthy food. To get back on track and treat my body they way I should, I am going to try and take a photo of everything I eat and post it to this blog. It will keep me honest and will be an interesting tactic to reflect upon.

07 July 2009

My Summer Garden: Mid Summer Results

Wow. I have sunflowers taller than I am, tomato plants as tall as me and losts of flowers coming into bloom. Oh I think I got bit by the gardening bug! I will have pictures soon of ripe tomatoes!

Happy 4th from Washington DC