03 December 2010

more of this please

Oh Dave!

Unexpected surprise. Dave Werner posted a new video. Something I've grown accustom to seeing since he made many when we were in grad school together. Super nice guy, really talented and very funny sense of humor.

Dave's 9 to 5
Dave's blog
Dave's Student Portfolio 

02 December 2010

Back from the grave...

August, September, October, November... this might of been the longest I've ever gone without a post. Work at the Scope consumed me and that isn't an exaggeration. Lots of successes with clients and the work has kept me busy, but I'm back.

In August, the largest photo shoot Periscope, photographer, client and myself have ever attempted hit. 15 days, 125 talent, 19 locations, 25,000 photos taken and half a million dollars later we retouched the final image in November. I'm excited to share a few of the best shots taken to build this huge library of lifestyle images.

But before the shoot hit, I was working on Andersen catalogs and Cox Digeez product development and retail promotions. We are in the throws of launching several months of work. Exciting. Once in stores and published in the world, I'll share with you all our hard work.

Currently I'm working on updating my portfolio, creating a better work/life balance and spending time with friends and family I haven't seen.

"Big Changes" should be the theme of 2010. But lots of constants and lots of growth too. Work is good, husband is the love of my life and each day I think I love him a little more, and the family I'm close to is amazing. Lots of ways to improve but really enjoying where I'm at.

20 August 2010

Happy Friday!

Mr. Fat Cat looks like Mr. Hemingway just huge! Reminds me of another furry friend who is orange and loves to give hugs.

17 August 2010

Design Conversations coming to MPLS! 3 Events

Series of 3 Design Conversations starting this Thursday August 19th! with Kit Hinrich and Delphine Hirasuna all benefiting BrandLab. Truly exciting to have this level of speakers coming to MPLS.
Hope you see you there!

12 August 2010

Lemonade and Cookies

Meaghan of The Decorative Cookie guested blogger for Amy Atlas (she does events). Complete with instructions gives me no excuse not to try and make, decorate and share these taste summer treats. 
Grapefruit, Orange, Lime & Lemon... who could say no to cookies that look like fruit. 

10 August 2010

Planning 2010 and 2011 Camping

There are many other youtube videos to watch and get inspiration.

I do love the boundary waters but there are so many other natural wonders! If you have suggests let me know.

Right now I'm interested in tubing, canoeing and fishing. I've started a google maps with the Mr. and I'm archiving the sites with delicious. This way the Mr. can find, tag and share with me his finds.

To get into the state parks you will need to plan ahead. Many of the dates go fast. We do have one national park which I don't want to miss. And there are lots of privately owned campgrounds. Maybe that will be my retirement business.

05 August 2010

Fuck Indeed.

Oil Spill Charity "F-Bomb-A-Thon" from UnF--kTheGulf.com on Vimeo.



While I'm a lady and don't like to hear or use profanity... this is completely appropriate. This oil leak will be completely cleaned up in my great great great grand kids lifetime. I will be dead 3 generations. FUCK indeed.

I'm a Florida native and the beaches were my playground. Super sad. I'm not so worried what will happen to BP's senior management in this world but in the next. That's a lot of prayer to get back in God's good graces.

20 July 2010

Two Major Offenders

I would love to work on these brands and their retail promotions. There is a difference between marketing and design. Huge difference. Not only do designers think differently about a problem but it is our job to inform and to delight. When they come together is seems like the perfect dance. Someone here was stepping on each others feet. And I think the designer walked away limping.

In researching Back to School promotions, I was moved to share with you these two offenders.  A client will come back with the most cliche of themes. AND yes this has happened to me as a designer. Back to School is a hard season to solve for. It is reaching out to the mass market. Moms and kids of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

The flood of rational questions begin to swirl in my mind:
Do we really have to communicate with expected knowns and noisy layouts for a season to be sucessful?

Why did these examples land on unimagined design?

How many times are we going to see a sloppy handwriting caring the weight of "Back to School" theme? Or apples with type on them?

Does any kid marvel at mediocre handwriting?  Are kids even writing as much as we use to in school? Do they still bring apples to school for teacher or even know of that reference?

Does this really appeal to Moms? Do they like to see apples and poor handwriting?

What happened to the delight?

Yes, it did inform me of the promotion. But where is the charm? Where is the craft? What happened to the design part of this problem.

Also, its July! What happened to summer? Do we really need to rush everything?

It would be a huge shift for retailers to embrace the "now" and not "what's next". I wonder if you could do both and still stay ahead of the competition. You might gain more brand champions for life by living their life cycle instead of always beating them to it. This isn't something any retailer is willing to do and there isn't enough research to support not starting promotions 3 months in advance. No one can win on that argument.

I recently went through 4 rounds of Back to School promotions. I gave them the works, the deluxe, the rational and still in the end I got a handwritten fax with a small sketch and a cliche theme. While this option will never see the light of day in my book, I have 3 other rounds that solved the problem in the sandbox they gave me to play in. And I learned how to sell my work to clients who may or may not be listening. No matter how hard you sell through what they need, sometimes they get what they want. These two examples seem to reflect just that.

Maybe next year these clients could come to Periscope! This would be amazing! How much fun would it be to rock out some kick-butt retail and, in the end, increase their sales. Seriously, I dream about getting clients that need a change and are willing to take the steps to rock it out! They are great brands with longevity and who knows what the future will hold for them.

Last inquiry:
I wonder if they beat last years sales with these tactics.

15 July 2010

MPLS Aquatennial & Adam Turman

In Sunday's Star Tribune was this great booklet on Minneapolis's own Aquatennial. I never lived in city that have more made up summer events for a excuse to throw a really long party and be outside. But that is what 8 month of winter will do to Minnesotans. The get cabin fever and plan the entire summer full of great events like this one.

Adam Turman, an amazingly talented illustrator and desiger, did the cover. Love the type.

After living in this great state I've yet to go. This weekend I will be soaking up summer and celebrating that fact that Minnesota has lakes!

LifeTime Fitness Torchlight 5K

(video... well we are all critics)

Periscope will be running this year. While I don't really believe in organized exercise (that is just my inner fat girl rejecting working out), the Scope is currently the second largest group to run! Hope to have pics to share after the event.

by hellodave

MPLS Egoist

When can I get the shirt?
MPLS Egoist hit our creative community July 1st! This site is dedicated to "featuring the best local creative from the best local talent at the best local agencies."

Periscope was welcomed to the site this week with a Red Robin feature. Pretty nice tweets too.

The new AIGA MN Website is Live!

The new AIGA Minnesota Website is live. After a year in the making, we are so proud finally have a web present that 1. we can edit ourselves, 2. looks really great and 3. showcases all the programing, volunteering and social media opportunities that AIGA MN offers its members.

Thank you to Kyle Meyer and Clockwork for designing and developing this site. Amazing job!

Last night was my very last board meeting and it felt so good to roll off. I left seeing a member who I met at the AIGA MN New Member Nights a year ago become the new In-House Designer Associate Programing Director. The next director of Membership will be Sam Michaels, designer at Studio on Fire, who is going to do an amazing job. She has lots of spunk to boot. Love that chick.

Looking back on the last two years, I'm really grateful to of donated my time to AIGA. I learned that I'm fearless and will to lead a group with humility and gratitude.

What's next? Right. The rest of July (2 weeks) will be for me!! and my family. My sister and niece are moving today to Minneapolis and will be staying with us for sometime. They are leaving the great state of Hawaii. I know. I know. But its really expensive to live there and it does get old having to deal with tourism. Trust me I'm from Florida.

August is the big 30/30. I've decided to chair AIGA MN's design show! And I will be starting a few new personal projects.
1. A shop
2. A book (well the one i've been working on and off on.)

The day is short and I'm always hunger for more time.  Today, the Minneapolis Farmers Market downtown, did not disappoint.
Flowers for my guests!

And you could say I'm go through a pink phase!

13 July 2010

The way it was done.

Design story: The Decanter from Landor Associates on Vimeo.

We need to bring back the "glamour" of design. The mystery of the magic. Being a creative is the best job in the world. Think smart, play and sell. Craft is everything in design and advertising. This movie by Landor is lovely.  I still have a few former teachers and friends working there in New York.  Lovely heritage.

In honor of more glamour in design, I've clean my office and rearranged the digs. It feels so much better.

Paper Kisses Ya'll

Okay so work is a bit more manageable. Back to posting more often.

First up...

Hello Orlando. I'm missing the sunshine state as summer ticks by. But to my delight here is Nick Sambrato of grain & gram located in the great state FLA.

Grain & Gram: Nick Sambrato, Printmaker from Grain & Gram on Vimeo.

Sweet printing. And if you believe my dearest Anna, he is single.

Number 29: The search continues

30/30 List is going well.
But 29. has been trying at best. The manufacturer doesn't make these amazing pink glasses... anymore. Crap. Plan B.

I still would like pink frames and lately my mind has been all blush and bashful. Here are the sets I found and purchased on Ebay. Hope they fit. I have my eye on two more and a gray set and black set if these don't work out.

I know this whole movie by heart and still love it. Bless your heart.

29 June 2010

Where Kids in the 60's starter?

Why don't we have cartoons like this anymore. What happened to using big word for little kids to learn and be exposed to.

Love this love affair of the line and the dot. Well worth the 10mins.

26 June 2010

Illustration: Alberto Cerriteno

Rock Marí | Opening Credits from Alberto Cerriteño on Vimeo.

Lots of product development at work these days. It has been fun but crazy, CRAZY timeline.

Here is some inspiration I'm looking at for animation. Alberto is really something!

more of his work

09 June 2010

Radio Silence: Dancing my A!@-off!

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Sorry for the radio silence but so much is happening in my little world.

1. Sister is moving to MN & bonus my niece will be along for the ride!
2. Landscaping front yard... lots of work
3. Veggie garden on straw beds is a success
4. Rolling off of AIGA MN board and On to FOCUS MN board
5. I have nails on these fingers! No more bitting. Painted them pink today. (bright pink)
6. Working toward a photoshoot
7. Working on retail & product development for a crazy client but at least it is so much fun!
8. 2 great friends are having babies
9. Speaking of babies we are praying, hoping and planning for one ourselves. (this isn't going to happen for most likely 3 to 6 months or maybe next year. long story)
10. Getting the house ready and updated for my sister and niece!

Dance and be glad! Its summer. Heart you Michelle.

17 May 2010

Number 29: Find the Perfect New Set of Glasses.

Here they are! Number 29. Complete!

Oliver Peoples, Sheldrake RBR.
Inspired by Andy Warhol, this optical frame is hand-sculpted in generous acetate (plastic) and also plays well as a sunglass. The bridge is crafted with a unique keyhole shape and the frame front is detailed with small silver plaques. The visible core-wire within the temple is embossed with Oliver Peoples logo detailing and the Oliver Peoples plaque is embossed at the temple end. Colors available include sophisticated shades, such as Black, Crystal and Storm, as well as Limited Edition shades: Matte Goldwood and RBR. 

I am going to put my prescription in these glasses and use them for everyday. I've always wanted a pink set but never found the right shade, style etc. These are so glass. I think I'm going to love them for many years to come. Happy early b-day to me! This style is of my favorite decade, the 1950s. I'm currently doing a little research on our home. It is a mid-century rambler. I seem to look this era of design. 

Purchased online at eyeglass.com
Voted one of the ten best women's glasses by The Independent

See more of the 30/30 list.

Inspiration: Burning Settlers

les enfants s'ennuient le dimanche (the children are bored on sundays) from Oliver Peoples on Vimeo.

I liked these too, but my hear was set on the Sheldrake.

14 May 2010

Love Bombing

Our sociologist on staff introduced me to a great new term, "love bombing", after quoting her former teacher and my favorite author. (yes! i want to rub the book he wrote all over her, to rub off any good juices)

This time of year you can't help but be into the fields, gardens and flowers. Seed bombs! Practice acts of gardening with these seed bombs!

Throw and grow, its that simple. Thank you Visualingual.

Love bombs radiate good vibes of love. I highly recommend doing it. It is really hard to be rude, mean, nasty (if your...call me Ms. Jackson) to someone when they radiate love. Personal experience, it is better to be kind to those you dislike, disagree or down right don't like you. Turn that cheek!

Happy Weekend! I hope to be in the garden this weekend. Out of my way earthworms.


How to make Pom-Pom Fringe Curtains

Oh Martha Picking Color

Buy it at Beauideal

Paper animations make me happy!
Via: Rifle

13 May 2010

Save My Oceans!

Also check out the contest. Chance to win an pad. I've trying my best to remember the grocery sacks. i hardly ever use a plastic bottle these days. But at work we use a lot and i mean a lot of plastic silverware. This has inspired me to do a little research on our dinning utensils at work. I know there is a better way. More to come on that. Small changes right? Don't "they" say that small changes lead to big impact.

11 May 2010

so making these...

plastic rings

Dinning Room Inspiration

It's never just about design.

(I wish commercials were this great... delightful)

This is a great article: The Details That Matter by Kevin Potts. The following is a good reminder to strive to be a better designer. Very refreshing. I hope to always grow and excel here at Periscope.

Here is an exert from the article identifying the best employees have these habits:

• re-read the project brief before clarifying outstanding questions with the project manager or client

• communicate with project stakeholders to catch any mid-project scope changes—and, more importantly, understand why these changes are happening,

• challenge changes they don’t agree with, and defend their positions objectively and pragmatically,

• pass work to colleagues for a peer gut-check before a formal review,

• spell check, then reads everything again to catch the errors spell cheque doughs knot,

• read everything again for language nuances, such as consistent point of view, active voice, and parallel structure,

• study relevant market trends and understand the competition,

• suggest details that improve the piece, from adding clearer alt text to switching out images, to altering the grid in ways that allow content to breathe,

• know which battles to fight and which to avoid, and

• recognize and work on the details that help them get better at their jobs…and then go on to get better at their jobs.

07 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day


I made this just for my Mum. She lives in Florida, but we plan on having a good chat and many phone hugs. Hoping each of you have a great day with your Mums!

Let the Bidding Begin

Since my 30/30 List is ever present before me, I need a stamp holder. I remembered that Ape had one that rotated! Hence, Ebay of course!

I haven't won it yet but who knows, with a little luck I should know by the end of the day. Fingers crossed.

06 May 2010

May Flowers

Hallmark Notebook- back
Hallmark Notebook- front

VIA: Burning Settlers Cabin


The color I'm obsessed with for spring is of course, yellow. I just love it!

Some Image Sources:
Mrs. Lilien
Kitsune Wallpaper
Honeycomb Purse
Steve Mack

Ha! Last week when my sister was visiting, we dined in Uptown. I seem to blend in with the landscaping! 

Other Yellow Loves:

04 May 2010



No offense to the designer who made this bookmark possible, but it is horrible. Most Christian design is down right disappointing. Not that I'm the most amazing designer, but some of the stuff is visually unappealing. 

I've limited my T.V. time to almost nothing. I've been reading more and Mom sends this horrible bookmark to support my endeavor. I know she means well, but this kind of stuff was what she was limited to. 

Thanks Mom for the thought. You rock! But this bookmark doesn't. 

So. Design project! How quickly can I make a bookmark that is well better than this. Since I missed placed me keys this morning, I have to wait for Mark to come home from a game. I have no way in my home till then! Ugh. Seriously they are probably right in front of my eyes and I just can't find them. So to pass the time and why not work on my 30/30 list

Wow that feels better. I hope to make a series of them. Not sure if this is the final design but for tonight it is at least a start to number 18.

Why are they all dudes?

Can someone tell me in a field dominated by women, why did the one show only have dudes as judges?

This came to my attention by the Duffy & Partners blog. (Which if you don't follow... highly recommend you start.) While this judges worked hard to ensure a great show, I left wondering, what happened to the the female perspective?


The 30/30 List

The 30/30 List

Okay... here it is. Some what nervous. Committing to the list is a huge step but it will be worth the journey. There are so many more things I would like to do but where is the time, and more importantly, how could I do it all? August seems like it is around the corner. Oh I'm not the world's greatest speller, in fact, I still have to look up words when reading, and need help sounding stuff out. I am a bit dyslexic. Something I strived to overcome in grade school. I see letters as shapes first then sounds after.... I digress...

The 30/30 List Footnotes and Links:
1. Mountain of Silence book is amazing!
2. The Front Yard.
3. Where I buy most of my books these days.
4. Update second round of hellorollins.com

6. Inspiration: Photography logo & Address Stamps

8. Well it never really caught on...

10. maybe these guys?
11. great tip from ape! other markers i like.

13. I seriously need to make this happen. The coffee table.

16. Poster Offensive 5!


I hope to cross out items soon!!! Update with new scans of the old list. Hope this inspires you to start crossing off those to-dos!

30 before 30!

Making it Lovely's, Nicole Balch, has a great idea... the list... 30 before 30.

We are the same age, well almost to the month. (30 isn't scary) But I should have my own list. I love lists! I love it when you have completed one item and get to scratch it out, cross it off, use a special pen to draw a line through it.... ahhhh it feels so good.

I'm in a time of transition and well. I think I will share my list. I feel a scan coming on.

Creating a U.S. Postage Stamp

stamps via: karen horton

I started collecting stamps at a very early age. The designs and the range of different subjects captivated me as a kid. 
It would be a dream to design and help create the real deal. Can you image designing a little piece of art that not only is charming to the sender but receiver. This would be amazing. 

The process.

Eric Madsen, a local design hero,  recently honored with The AIGA's  2010 Fellow Award, is on the advisory council! I can't wait to talk with Madsen about this role. They meet twice a year and it is quiet the process to select stamps.