11 January 2010

Rest in Peace

Resa: I will miss you.

I can't stop thinking about all the hopes and dreams I had to grow with Resa. She was more than amazing. One of the most intelligent, funny, witty and charming ladies I ever had the privilege of calling a friend. But she was different. Her passion for Orthodoxy was contagious. She inspired me and surprised every time we met. Her angelic voice was worthy enough to sing with the angels. She dedicated her life to Christ and the church fulfilling her dream to be a choir director at St. Mary's OCA.

I believe she is in Christ embrace. Resting. Waiting. I will not forget all that she taught me. But most of all her witting sense of humor and down to earth personality.

I know she wouldn't want anyone to cry over her, but for the past few days I just can't help myself.

A wonderful compilation of video and photography was put together by Emily Pilancinski.

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