02 February 2010

Memorial Brochure for my Grandmother

This past weekend my grandmother past away. I'm doing good. It is time to celebrate her life. I will miss her very much. Here is the memorial booklet I quickly put together yesterday. I never want to fold or staple another sheet of paper ever again. 225 all folded and stapled last night. I didn't start till 5 pm or so.. and I finished around 4 am or so... tired but well worth it.

Grandma's Memorial: Made 225
Grandma's Memorial: Cover
Grandma's Memorial: 1st spread
Grandma's Memorial: 2nd spread
Grandma's Memorial: 3st spread
Grandma's Memorial: Back

1 comment:

Natalie Schaefer said...

what a sweet booklet...those vintage photos are beautiful.