29 March 2010

Tomorrow over lunch I hope to go to the Macy's Flower Show 2010. Lovely ladies and a tone of lovely flowers. Pics to come!

On Sale April 5th!

Wow. That was fast. You can find my poster for sale first row, first thumbnail. This was such a fun project and I changed the imagery well, a lot. I really enjoyed exploring solutions and graphic looks. I truly hope we can raise 1 million dollars for Doctors Without Borders.

The Haiti Poster Project: Band Together

Title: Band Together
Designer: Michelle Rollins
Writer: Scott Dahl
Minneapolis Minnesota

Medium: Printed, Distressed and Hand Sewn

After seeing the horrific devastation of a fractured country, we wanted to create a poster that moved people to action. Healing Haiti starts with you. In hanging this poster our hope is that many will be moved to give too Doctors Without Borders. Celebrating the idea that each person can help band together and heal Haiti.

Each poster is rolled with bandage gauze and sealed with nursed tape that reads "Band Together. thehaitiposterprojection.com". As you unwrap the poster you see the stitching. The background is the Haitian flag fractured and distressed like shards of devastation, the typeface is also fractured but our Haitian native is being mended back together. The stitching is left unfinished and the needle is attached to symbolically represent you picking up where others have left off. You to can help.

You will be able to buy them soon!

26 March 2010


Thank you 2x4. Looking forward to this book. But the bag by Eddie Opara, GuilT is sold out :( Hoping for a reorder. If you missed Eddie during Insight Lecture Series, see it here.

I had the pleasure of eating with Eddie after the lecture (which is really worth watching). Very smart gentleman who is going to have a had in changing our collaborative environments.

Biking in Minneapolis

biking by 2and21
Lovely info graphic by 2and21 Rock it out Peter, Clarissa and Michelle. Congrats!

See the other contenders at Good.is

1964 at the Walker Art Center

1964 at the Walker
1964 was the year of Pop Art and much more. This exhibition will showcase works from Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Johns (who is my personal favorite). March 25 - Oct. 24. My sister is visiting from Hawaii (I know!) and can't wait to go with her.

VIA: Walker Art Center


AIGA MN Design Show! This year it will be at the Walker Art Center. If you are a creative living in Minneapolis hope to see you there!
AIGA MN Design Show


The new blogger templates.
Not only did I have to teach myself, which was good for me to learn but really frustrating, Google makes it easier than every to customize your blog!

22 March 2010

Signs of Spring!



Itching to get in the garden!

Landmine Awareness Campaign: Genius.

CALM Ketchup
CALM Ketchup

Jen Sheeler is our newest member to the design team. She is the Director of Retail Marketing & Design. We are so very happy to have her join us. In searching for inspiration for our next big retail client, Jen found this lovely packaging that brings awareness to landmines. Read More

Book Mark Idea by Yuruliku

Book mark design by Yurirku


VIA: The Dieline
Buy: Yuruliku Shop

Illustration: Deanna Halsall



I just love Deanna's style.
VIA: Share Some Candy

19 March 2010

The Haiti Poster Project

haiti poster project
The Haiti Poster Project:
I've been working on one for the past few weeks. I'm really excited to get all the prints done. Here is a sneak peak at what I've been designing...
haiti poster sneak peak
I will be printing and shipping next week. Once the posters go on sale to raise money for Doctors without Boards, I will let you know!

17 March 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Vintage shot.
Mr. Hemingway loves eating shamrocks.

Clovers by Groovysuvi
VIA: Groovysuvi

Easter or Pascha?

kitty cat rabbit by xmoonbloom's

Image VIA: xmoonbloom's

Now that I'm older I see the contrast of the two words that in my life have described this time of year... Easter and Pascha. Pascha means Passover in Greek. To be exact... Pascha is a transliteration of the Greek word, which is itself a transliteration of the Hebrew pesach, both words meaning Passover.

Easter lately, seems less about Christ passing us over into eternal life and the price he paid for us to have this choice, and more about bunnies (which i love), eggs (so yummy) and all the other spring icons. (holy run on sentence batman)

It is really hard to navigate as a designer. I love "easter" patterns and all things spring, but my feet are deeply planted in the Orthodox beliefs, customs and wisdom of 2,000 years of teaching that has gone unchanged. Just how do you really blend the two? I hope in the years to come I will be better able to answer this question.

15 March 2010

To often my week...



I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do. So I'm going to be taking an official break. I promise to be back next week.

03 March 2010

Speaking Last Night at UW Stout

Speaking at UW Stout: Signage

I was honored to be invited to speak at UW Stout on portfolio preparation. About 66 students attended and they shocked me. All were on time, many had great questions and all seemed to be really interested. Amazing group of emerging creatives.

Speaking at UW Stout: Students

I didn't prep a formal presentation. Instead I wanted them to see what a finish portfolio could look like. Granted I graduated Portfolio Center in 2005, so my work is a bit old but I expressed that you are not selling your work but your thinking.

This group of students really inspired me to finish my book on portfolio prep. I am now targeting have the book ready for the fall and planning on promoting it in the year to come.

Thank you UW Stout! Hope to do it again in the future. Good Luck!

(P.S. My class at PC seemed to have a lasting effect... check out these old videos... and yes it is embarrassing you see yourself filmed.)

Hotdish Hump Day: 2.23 | Cook: Dave


Dave's first hotdish! Here is where you can get the recipe. Additions Dave made: add yellow onion when browning the beef, Chili beans also had JalapeƱos, and cheese was mexi blend for extra flavor.

Hotdish Hump Day: 2.17 | Cook: Sonia

Sonia made this amazing Chicken Tortilla Hotdish.

We are half way through! We were going to take the summer off, but so many want to do another cycle... maybe salads for summer...

01 March 2010

Self-portrait Inspiration


Lately I've wanted to do a self-portrait. In thinking about it I'm not sure of the medium yet. But I think I would like to create one before summer. In design school we did a self-portrait exercise in a style of a famous modern artist. I choose Jasper Johns, who I still love and visit his great works at the Walker Art Center. Now I would like to revisit this idea of how do I see myself. I believe your home should be filled with things you love and art that is a reflection of you. I guess I've been playing around with idea of reflect for a while and want to translate that to my own image. More ideation to come, but these were pulls from last week.

inspiration: self-portrait
inspiration: self-portrait
inspiration: self-portrait

Other ideas on mediums... Silkscreen, fabric...

inspiration: self-portrait
inspiration: self-portrait

Hipstamatic User Interface Demo from Synthetic on Vimeo.

Here are my test shots... not have bad. I can't wait to try it with Ernest.

Me w/ Hipstamatic Camera App
Me w/ Hipstamatic Camera App