29 March 2010

The Haiti Poster Project: Band Together

Title: Band Together
Designer: Michelle Rollins
Writer: Scott Dahl
Minneapolis Minnesota

Medium: Printed, Distressed and Hand Sewn

After seeing the horrific devastation of a fractured country, we wanted to create a poster that moved people to action. Healing Haiti starts with you. In hanging this poster our hope is that many will be moved to give too Doctors Without Borders. Celebrating the idea that each person can help band together and heal Haiti.

Each poster is rolled with bandage gauze and sealed with nursed tape that reads "Band Together. thehaitiposterprojection.com". As you unwrap the poster you see the stitching. The background is the Haitian flag fractured and distressed like shards of devastation, the typeface is also fractured but our Haitian native is being mended back together. The stitching is left unfinished and the needle is attached to symbolically represent you picking up where others have left off. You to can help.

You will be able to buy them soon!

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