27 April 2010

For Hemingway

Can't wait to make this for Mr. Hemingway. Picks to come of my kitty cat scratching post.

Here is the full post from Design Sponge.
I've been looking for a nice cycle helmet for this Summer's biking. Many are price at $50. A bit on the high side but protect + fashion, you be the judge. You can buy them here.

22 April 2010

Minneapolis Designer: Sam Soulek

no big heads aloud but like this beer poster. nice work.

ONE DAY ON EARTH: 10.10.10

Sign me up! 10.10.10. flip-cam in hand. This gave me chills! What would you shoot to showcase a day in the world?

I know what I would want to highlight.
The true and full Christian faith, united for over 2,000, some how surviving, unchanged. This isn't anything short of a miracle. We see the fracturing of Christ after the great break in 1008 A.D. or so...which has created religions focused on the parts and pieces but rejecting the whole.

I think of all those I know well, or just in passing that are lost, on the fence, or down right rejected Christ, even God. They only look to a higher power when things go wrong. Tripping over words, searching for meaning, yearning for comfort, and still left in the dark. Why?

My message would be simple, short, and focused. Stop fumbling in the dark, rather, turn on the light. I'm called to shine my light for others. I'm only responsible for my own faith, but must be as best an example I can be.

Off the soapbox...this is a great idea. Can't wait to see what happens next.

VIA: Pacing The Panic Room

21 April 2010

Money Grab Machines

I love the dance she makes at the end!!!

Cash Cube! But what was the best part?

these kids look engulf with fake money.

20 April 2010

Mr. Hemingway loves my husbands favorite throw blanket. There was a throw-down to see who would take control of the blank. After a short and fierce battle, Mr. Hemingway laid down on his prize and fell asleep. 

DIY: Coffee Table

This past weekend I worked on painting a coffee table my mother-in-law gave us a long time ago. I always loved its shape and detailing but not a huge fan of the wood's finish. It is sold wood to be sure.

We have purchased other coffee tables for what I thought was a middle of the road price, but they are already falling apart! Hell, we don't even sit in the living room all that often and we don't have kids. After 3 short years it is time to update.

I thought yellow would be a nice touch. Cheerful and fun. I'm working on some throw pillows for the brown tweed couch we got off of craigslist last year. A nice Room and Board piece that was really never used by it original owner. Score!

I love this vintage dress I found. This is the color inspiration for the living room. We have the walls painted in kinda a mossy green... on of the super neutrals that really go with everything.

Is coming along. We have one more road of rocks to remove from our flower beds. I'm hoping to rock the stuff at work and get on it tonight. Pictures to come.

Garden Markers

This is an easy project you can make on your own. I think might try this with bigger clear stones and with my one illustrations. Here for full instructions.

For a more modern look these wooded sticks with birds and a open space for printing. You could also make these your self with stamps and sticks form a craft store.

Painstakingly pretty!

Maricor Maricar

Behance has some really lovely work in showcasing designers from all over the globe. Maricor from Sydney Australia has a detailed illustration style that I don't think I could ever master. The time it takes to make some of this work has to be great.

19 April 2010

nice type

I am participating this year and already have 2 ideas. I will be posting my creative process in the coming weeks. This year is the biggest Poster Offensive yet with 78 designers contributing. Almost twice as many as last year.

Really looking forward to it.

16 April 2010

Portfolio 1 on 1: Reviewing Books Tomorrow

AIGA MN Portfolio 1 on 1

Tomorrow afternoon I will be reviewing books at AIGA MN's Portfolio 1 on 1! Should be fun. Hope to see a few familiar faces. This event is for creative students close to graduation that would like more feedback on their portfolios.

I hope to get the rest of the rocks out of my yard and pant a raised veggie garden. I still need to get ready for my sister who is coming to visit next week! Wow. Time flies.

Nike Free Run+

VIA: Kitsune Noir

My friend Abby says I have no taste in music. But I think she would approve of this. Wieden+Kenndey, Tokyo made this spot. I feel like running.

Oh its on! Silly String. Enough Said

VIA: Google Images

Things with my volunteering have gotten entirely to serious. It is time to bring out the silly string. There will be lawn party at my home soon. Thing are going to get crazy.

This was my childhood.

Once I figured out how to float you could not get me out of the water. The best thing about Florida is swimming outside all year long.  I'm so looking forward to the Minnesota Summer!

Art Crank

Thanks Allan

Buddy are you fat! What!

okay one more cat video...

Pink, Southern, Buddy, Debbie... i'm peeing my pants while crying...

15 April 2010

1,294,257 views later

This was posted April 13. 2 Days ago. WOW. 1 million, 2 hundred 94 thousands, 2 hundred 57 views in 2 DAYS!

14 April 2010

Its not to late.


This project has been so rewarding. I hope that more good things come of it. More have been added and are on sale. I hope that each of you can find some wall space and make a donation to this project.

Other posters Highlighted

Details on my poster above.

This is my day.

VIA: Keep Calm Gallery

13 April 2010

Bible Code

Computers have helped Hebrew mathematicians reveal and discover messages. Crazy. And yes. I do believe. But I would not go so far to predict the future. The point that this documentary makes and I agree with is we don't know what to look for because it has not yet happened. But wow. In the bible it says that each our names are in it. This I believe is how. Crazy. I know.

Walker Shop Local Artist T-Shirt Mart

April 17th!

This should be a fun event. I've never gone before but I'm hoping I will have time to check it out. 

This year's line up:
Saman Bemel Benrud, MFM Apparel
Burlesque of North America
Kevin Hayes, Lovely Minneapolis
Helen Jerlach, Numsi Design
Sara Lintner, Too Many Suitors
Alec Soth/Lester B. Morrison, Little Brown Mushroom
Sarah Nassif, Rectangle Designs
Christine Solheim, Future Lint
Mike Fitzsimmons and John Grider, Broken Crow

VIA: Walker Art Center

MN Fashion Week

12 April 2010

09 April 2010

Prepping for 30th B-day

So I'm turning 30 in August and I really want to do a themed B-day Party. White-Trash B-day celebration! I will be posting many ideas for the front lawn, beer drink'n, come as you best "southern trailer park" persona birthday party.

In high school, we would cut up money and put it on our nails. (well, i never did this but many used one dollar as their choice of currency.)

Resources: Nail Art Gallery

Research: Interactive/Motion/Projection


Calling on my Mr. T Skills

A-team  Downtown. This weekend I will go incognito to do a little reconnaissance. I'm calling on my Mr. T skills in the art of investigation! Wish me luck. 

178 match book cover created by Pavel Fuska.

Thank You Grain Edit

08 April 2010

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

VIA: Black Eiffel

More Haiti Posters

Hope for Haiti By: Ryan Brinkerhoff 

The Haiti Poster Project is still going strong. They are adding posters daily.

Here are more that I admire. Soon it will be the rainy season and I'm worried that we are forgetting Haitians are still living in tents. Oh goodness. I pray that they will be safe and we can help rebuild the walls of homes, hospitals, schools, etc. That we can help those still suffering from injuries. The money raised from these posters will help hundreds of people in need. I have already purchased one... and designed a poster. I just I'm a sucker for a good cause.

Help Rebuild Haiti By Justus Oehler

Helping Hand By Sharon Laurilla

Hope for Haiti By: Suji Allen 

Rebuild By Josh Higgins

Help Mend Haiti By Brittany Phillips

Poster Hands
VIA: Allan Peters Found

Free Landscape Rocks

Live near Minneapolis? and need landscape rocks?

I would like to remove these from my yard and go to mulch. They are great for low maintenance gardens and keep away the work of weeding.

Let me know.

Listing on Craigslist.
Listing on Yards to Gardens look up by zip code.

Sticky Lessons with post-it notes

You use post-it notes for ideas, tasks and things you want to remember... hence my new series "Sticky Lessons".

I was really disappointed yesterday about the "idol talk" happening between people I care about. This inspired me to do a series I'm calling "Sticky Lessons". Whatever happened to "If you don't have something nice to say, it is better to say nothing at all." That is a poster waiting to happen. Look for it  "Mama's 2 Cents". This is going to be a poster series of saying my mother and mothers in general say to their children.

(It is amazing what a few days off from work can do for your imagination.)

07 April 2010

Planning Landscape for Front Yard

Well it is to soon to dig anything up or to plant anything new. I have to wait really until Mother's day. Oh it has been so nice. No snow and there have been some sunny days. Well I guess I will just have to wait.

Here is my "loose"plan.


I grabbed images from Bachman's site. They have an okay library. It is packed with info just really hard to use. Especially for a beginner. They have also an option to create a list of plants. This is an really nice feature. When you are done dreaming of the garden you long for you can simply look at your wish/shopping list when you are done. I don't know about you but I always have a hard time remembering the names of plants. This is a really useful part of their site.

Where's Minneapolis?

Heads of State where is Minneapolis? You now MPLS?

Lovely posters.

Cover Designs

Book Cover designs by Zandra Rhodes for Penguin Books