20 April 2010

DIY: Coffee Table

This past weekend I worked on painting a coffee table my mother-in-law gave us a long time ago. I always loved its shape and detailing but not a huge fan of the wood's finish. It is sold wood to be sure.

We have purchased other coffee tables for what I thought was a middle of the road price, but they are already falling apart! Hell, we don't even sit in the living room all that often and we don't have kids. After 3 short years it is time to update.

I thought yellow would be a nice touch. Cheerful and fun. I'm working on some throw pillows for the brown tweed couch we got off of craigslist last year. A nice Room and Board piece that was really never used by it original owner. Score!

I love this vintage dress I found. This is the color inspiration for the living room. We have the walls painted in kinda a mossy green... on of the super neutrals that really go with everything.

Is coming along. We have one more road of rocks to remove from our flower beds. I'm hoping to rock the stuff at work and get on it tonight. Pictures to come.

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