22 April 2010

ONE DAY ON EARTH: 10.10.10

Sign me up! 10.10.10. flip-cam in hand. This gave me chills! What would you shoot to showcase a day in the world?

I know what I would want to highlight.
The true and full Christian faith, united for over 2,000, some how surviving, unchanged. This isn't anything short of a miracle. We see the fracturing of Christ after the great break in 1008 A.D. or so...which has created religions focused on the parts and pieces but rejecting the whole.

I think of all those I know well, or just in passing that are lost, on the fence, or down right rejected Christ, even God. They only look to a higher power when things go wrong. Tripping over words, searching for meaning, yearning for comfort, and still left in the dark. Why?

My message would be simple, short, and focused. Stop fumbling in the dark, rather, turn on the light. I'm called to shine my light for others. I'm only responsible for my own faith, but must be as best an example I can be.

Off the soapbox...this is a great idea. Can't wait to see what happens next.

VIA: Pacing The Panic Room

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