04 May 2010

The 30/30 List

The 30/30 List

Okay... here it is. Some what nervous. Committing to the list is a huge step but it will be worth the journey. There are so many more things I would like to do but where is the time, and more importantly, how could I do it all? August seems like it is around the corner. Oh I'm not the world's greatest speller, in fact, I still have to look up words when reading, and need help sounding stuff out. I am a bit dyslexic. Something I strived to overcome in grade school. I see letters as shapes first then sounds after.... I digress...

The 30/30 List Footnotes and Links:
1. Mountain of Silence book is amazing!
2. The Front Yard.
3. Where I buy most of my books these days.
4. Update second round of hellorollins.com

6. Inspiration: Photography logo & Address Stamps

8. Well it never really caught on...

10. maybe these guys?
11. great tip from ape! other markers i like.

13. I seriously need to make this happen. The coffee table.

16. Poster Offensive 5!


I hope to cross out items soon!!! Update with new scans of the old list. Hope this inspires you to start crossing off those to-dos!


Natalie Schaefer said...

love this idea, i wish you luck!

wingedbeing said...

I really like this idea! Last year I freaked out not knowing what I was doing n my life, so its only fitting to start a list as well and see how I can accomplish (or start) things I have always wanted to do! Thanks for the idea!

Ape said...

i LOVE a good list.
i'll help you with the face cleanser. expect a nice selection of aveda to try the next time we get together.

Michelle Rollins said...

I think I will need it.

Michelle Rollins said...

@ape, ohhh. that will be a treat