04 May 2010



No offense to the designer who made this bookmark possible, but it is horrible. Most Christian design is down right disappointing. Not that I'm the most amazing designer, but some of the stuff is visually unappealing. 

I've limited my T.V. time to almost nothing. I've been reading more and Mom sends this horrible bookmark to support my endeavor. I know she means well, but this kind of stuff was what she was limited to. 

Thanks Mom for the thought. You rock! But this bookmark doesn't. 

So. Design project! How quickly can I make a bookmark that is well better than this. Since I missed placed me keys this morning, I have to wait for Mark to come home from a game. I have no way in my home till then! Ugh. Seriously they are probably right in front of my eyes and I just can't find them. So to pass the time and why not work on my 30/30 list

Wow that feels better. I hope to make a series of them. Not sure if this is the final design but for tonight it is at least a start to number 18.

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