11 May 2010

It's never just about design.

(I wish commercials were this great... delightful)

This is a great article: The Details That Matter by Kevin Potts. The following is a good reminder to strive to be a better designer. Very refreshing. I hope to always grow and excel here at Periscope.

Here is an exert from the article identifying the best employees have these habits:

• re-read the project brief before clarifying outstanding questions with the project manager or client

• communicate with project stakeholders to catch any mid-project scope changes—and, more importantly, understand why these changes are happening,

• challenge changes they don’t agree with, and defend their positions objectively and pragmatically,

• pass work to colleagues for a peer gut-check before a formal review,

• spell check, then reads everything again to catch the errors spell cheque doughs knot,

• read everything again for language nuances, such as consistent point of view, active voice, and parallel structure,

• study relevant market trends and understand the competition,

• suggest details that improve the piece, from adding clearer alt text to switching out images, to altering the grid in ways that allow content to breathe,

• know which battles to fight and which to avoid, and

• recognize and work on the details that help them get better at their jobs…and then go on to get better at their jobs.

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