14 May 2010

Love Bombing

Our sociologist on staff introduced me to a great new term, "love bombing", after quoting her former teacher and my favorite author. (yes! i want to rub the book he wrote all over her, to rub off any good juices)

This time of year you can't help but be into the fields, gardens and flowers. Seed bombs! Practice acts of gardening with these seed bombs!

Throw and grow, its that simple. Thank you Visualingual.

Love bombs radiate good vibes of love. I highly recommend doing it. It is really hard to be rude, mean, nasty (if your...call me Ms. Jackson) to someone when they radiate love. Personal experience, it is better to be kind to those you dislike, disagree or down right don't like you. Turn that cheek!

Happy Weekend! I hope to be in the garden this weekend. Out of my way earthworms.

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