15 July 2010

The new AIGA MN Website is Live!

The new AIGA Minnesota Website is live. After a year in the making, we are so proud finally have a web present that 1. we can edit ourselves, 2. looks really great and 3. showcases all the programing, volunteering and social media opportunities that AIGA MN offers its members.

Thank you to Kyle Meyer and Clockwork for designing and developing this site. Amazing job!

Last night was my very last board meeting and it felt so good to roll off. I left seeing a member who I met at the AIGA MN New Member Nights a year ago become the new In-House Designer Associate Programing Director. The next director of Membership will be Sam Michaels, designer at Studio on Fire, who is going to do an amazing job. She has lots of spunk to boot. Love that chick.

Looking back on the last two years, I'm really grateful to of donated my time to AIGA. I learned that I'm fearless and will to lead a group with humility and gratitude.

What's next? Right. The rest of July (2 weeks) will be for me!! and my family. My sister and niece are moving today to Minneapolis and will be staying with us for sometime. They are leaving the great state of Hawaii. I know. I know. But its really expensive to live there and it does get old having to deal with tourism. Trust me I'm from Florida.

August is the big 30/30. I've decided to chair AIGA MN's design show! And I will be starting a few new personal projects.
1. A shop
2. A book (well the one i've been working on and off on.)

The day is short and I'm always hunger for more time.  Today, the Minneapolis Farmers Market downtown, did not disappoint.
Flowers for my guests!

And you could say I'm go through a pink phase!

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