10 August 2010

Planning 2010 and 2011 Camping

There are many other youtube videos to watch and get inspiration.

I do love the boundary waters but there are so many other natural wonders! If you have suggests let me know.

Right now I'm interested in tubing, canoeing and fishing. I've started a google maps with the Mr. and I'm archiving the sites with delicious. This way the Mr. can find, tag and share with me his finds.

To get into the state parks you will need to plan ahead. Many of the dates go fast. We do have one national park which I don't want to miss. And there are lots of privately owned campgrounds. Maybe that will be my retirement business.

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Jay said...

Cascade River is a great place to start. It has good car camping with heated showers.

But if you want a true backpacking camping experience outside of the Boundary Waters, George Crosby Manitou is my favorite. Rugged and backpack-only camping, it has great waterfalls and seclusion.