02 December 2010

Back from the grave...

August, September, October, November... this might of been the longest I've ever gone without a post. Work at the Scope consumed me and that isn't an exaggeration. Lots of successes with clients and the work has kept me busy, but I'm back.

In August, the largest photo shoot Periscope, photographer, client and myself have ever attempted hit. 15 days, 125 talent, 19 locations, 25,000 photos taken and half a million dollars later we retouched the final image in November. I'm excited to share a few of the best shots taken to build this huge library of lifestyle images.

But before the shoot hit, I was working on Andersen catalogs and Cox Digeez product development and retail promotions. We are in the throws of launching several months of work. Exciting. Once in stores and published in the world, I'll share with you all our hard work.

Currently I'm working on updating my portfolio, creating a better work/life balance and spending time with friends and family I haven't seen.

"Big Changes" should be the theme of 2010. But lots of constants and lots of growth too. Work is good, husband is the love of my life and each day I think I love him a little more, and the family I'm close to is amazing. Lots of ways to improve but really enjoying where I'm at.

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