07 January 2011

Baby Makes 3!

Happy New Year! 2011 will bring us many changes including growing our family. We are expecting a baby in late June or early July!

I've been really tired lately. I'm 15 weeks and praying for a healthy and happy baby. My posts to come will still include creative finds, inspiration and of course type treatments that keep me pushing my skills.

But I will also be posting inspiration for baby A and all the changes we are experiencing. I've always used this blog as part archive and part journal.

Work is good and we solidified a part of the client business we have been working for about a year! Yay and go team. I'm feeling a bit weird about it just because I'm not sure long term if the client is really serious yet about learning the ropes to retail. It will be an interesting ride these next few months.

Happy baby! And Happy New Year!

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