25 May 2012

Updated Logo for Chloe's Fight

Wow! With so much going on at work and at home, I'm truly blessed and honored to be working on with Erica and Philip Barnes on Chloe's Fight.

This special angel lost her life to MLD, at age 2. She is such an inspiration to her parents. She has given them the courage to continue her fight against MLD with annual 5K run, walk, stroll. This is the second year hosting the event to take place on Oct. 20, 2012!!!

They asked if I would be willing to donate my time. Like I could say no. Look at that baby face.

I was asked to design and streamline the look to allow for different forms of printing.
The first designer, Melissa, who is just an angel for donating her time, had a great concept to use Chloe's profile. Hearts were important as well to Chloe's old sister Eva. After Chloe passed, each time Eva saw a heart it reminded her of Chloe. What a sweet symbol of love. All I did was really make it Chloe's profile and simplify the mark.

I told Erica and Philip this week that "it is just so right to have your champion lead the charge when someone comes into contact with your event. She is why it is so important to raise awareness and funds. It is your story and your humble "power of one" to find a cure that allows others to participate, inspire their passion and give of themselves.  I humbly say this...as your event continues grow, she will become the reason for why it matters to find a cure to many."

Here is the new mark!
Eva... I got the heart in!
and I've illustrated Chloe's profile to truly make it her. 
I can't tell you just how right it felt to help these people.

I feel like I learned so much already from Erica and Philip even thought they have been saying that of me. 

One idea I keep revisiting, would it be great to do profiles of the whole family as a gift to them. 

Well more to come. This project makes me feel so thankful and great. This was the outlet I needed. I feel like this project truly matters. 

And its pink people!

14 May 2012

Just Float

Today I just need to float. I hope to own a Samantha French piece soon. Saving up for the below art piece. 

The image above reminds me of summer days in Florida. The cool water and the feeling of being weightless. Underwater there is an echo that happens. Its is so lovely. 

19 March 2012

The Red Ball Project

UICA interview with Kurt Perschke from Kurt Perschke on Vimeo.

Not sure why I haven't heard about this until now. What a strange and yet simple idea. I love how people begin to play with the ball.

Best quote: "Play is big business"

Red Ball Project

06 March 2012

Fall 2012

Currently I'm gathering content from blogs, magazines, and retail spaces to see what the trends will be for Fall 2012 and who current trends are cycling out.

My review will include color, pattern, typography and other design trends. My interest is how these trends will be applied to retail spaces.

My little guy at Target. Spring 2012

Will advertising and design take a nod to these trends and use them to define the seasonal calendar?

Wish me luck.

23 February 2012

In Brief: 5-year-Old Analyzes Logos

So cute! I love this. She sounds so smart! Very well done my lady.

22 February 2012

The Craft before CGI

CGChannel uncovered this fantastic '80s vintage documentary that details the three-month process behind HBO's iconic pre-movie intro. Grit your teeth past the corny "Illusion!" song. It's worth it to see how special FX were made "with computers" before CG. 
VIA: Gizmodo

Naming Baby

20 February 2012

Ultrabook: Sweet Alt Media Work

It's part product demonstration, part flash mob, part social content—but it's all about getting the brand out there.

Thank you Maggie and Scott for sharing.

Must Get Nike Fuel: Casey's View at the Launch

15 February 2012

Red Robin | Banzai Love You

The Periscope Digital peeps are hard at work making lots of cool stuff. This campaign caught my eye and is gaining major social media tread.

Red Robin Banzai Campaign

The contest is for those who discover the link either on Facebook, Twitter or a QRCode on the bottom of an in-store table topper. Guest what channel is kicking ass with hits. The QRCode!!! What! Its on the bottom of the table topper. NOTE: Periscope didn't have control over where another agency placed this icon. And some say QRCodes don't work. (Using the right tactics for the right audience. A one size fits all solution is NEVER the answer.)

Red Robin Fans are amazing!

Love this campaign as much as I love burgers and fries. Nice work comrades.

Images of what People are posting on Twitter

14 February 2012

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25 from The Sartorialist on Vimeo.

What is not to love about this blog. Living in Minnesota it is hard to really see fashion with everyone either bundled up or super casual, me included.

I need to step up my self expression through what I wear. I really put no more that 30 sec each morning to figure it out.

It is hard with baby to really think about it when I'm getting him ready and getting out the door on time.
But the excuses really need to stop.

What is my style? I don't think I really have one.

I really loved following this lady as she mixed vintage with modern clothing. What I'm Wearing... this we an interesting experiment. I wonder if she will do it again.

Happy Valentine's Day

A few goodies this Valentine's Day. 

Strange how many photographers send Valentine's Day promotions. Oddly this one I like more for the photoshop editing skills than the actual content.

For years, Little&Co. has put out a one of a kind Valentine's Day Greeting. There have been a range of really wonderfully written and designed Valentines, but this has to be my favorite.
Write your loved one a little love song!

But I still really love last years too.

Mashable posted Top 10 Valentine's Day Cards for the techie in your life.
This one was my favorite.

I wish you a very happy St. Valentine's Day. My you shower your loved one with kisses and share with them how much you love them.

Love You,

08 February 2012

The Age of Distraction

Is it the Age of Information or really the Age of Distraction? I don't feel like I even have the brainpower or the time to devote in dissecting the topic.

I know I feel better when I can focus and when I moderate my internet play. I've been thinking about how distracted I've been and how forgetful, overwhelmed or down right lack of time to do anything besides just getting what is hot done first. Okay wait that wasn't a well written sentence. But you get the idea.

In doing a little research (meaning google search), I'm not the only one who has been describing our generation.

I'm not the only one:
Jason Oberholtzer with Forbes Article 1, Article 2,
Focus A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction by Leo Babauta
Edudemic  If is it is hard for adults, what about our kids?
Johann Hari: Why we need books.

With lent approaching, it is time again to consider how to simplify and slow down. The articles and free book above seem like a quick and easy place to start.

As Kenny Rogers sang, "...know when to walk away and when to run..." seems fitting. I'm not much of a gambler but I'm willing to bet that having a media fast is in order to get back in touch with what really matters and with what my role is in the world.

Oh goodness, who doesn't love Kenny Rogers! This picture looks like Sean Connery.

07 February 2012


How have I not heard about this? Seems like the next generation Nike+, which I loved!

The video above has great clips from movie and sports. What I would do for a client who has this kind of budget and gusto.

I could see Target doing this kind of thing for a brand campaign.

Skillshare: WIn a 5,000 Golden Parachute

Let's Start a Learning Revolution from Skillshare on Vimeo.

Skill Share not only has really nice design with a great message that the future is for the curious.
They are holding random drawing to win 5 GRAND. If you have student debt you know that any chunk of money toward paying it off is always a good thing.

For me it will take years! years! to pay off my student loans.

It does suck to owe so much but that seems to be the price of higher education unless your parents planned ahead or they helped you when attending school.

Good Luck! Enter today there are 39 days left.


Having a baby has changed everything. What did I do before Charlie? I can't imagine what life would be like without him and I'm thinking about having another!


Right now I'm working on getting back into my "design" routine. There is so much new work to show that I'm afraid will become old work if I don't get my stuff together. And defining how to spend my time and where to put my efforts.

I love being a Mom now. I just don't want to miss a moment of Charlie. Hence its time to rethink everything. How we eat, shop, buy, spend time, and what do I want to discover next.

1. Not eating out for 1 year. So far so good. One month down and a blog to come out shortly.

2. Growing Sweet Potato Vines- One regular potato, one organic and one from the farmers market. Inspired by this little lady:

Bud Nip? Chlorproham? Cancer? She is amazing. So I'm going to see if I can do the same test at home.
Don't judge, inspiration can come from anyone.

3. Working at night after dinner and putting baby to bed. What is my new routine?

4. Fasting from T.V. and Facebook for lent. I'm going to do this again. Back in 2009 I did this and it had a profound effect on my life. I read more, cooked more, cleaned more and over all had more time for prayer and deep thinking. I felt centered and gained a greater view of my world and role.

5. Always on the flipping list. Yoga (although I pray to Jesus when doing the poses), Running, Biking (favorite!) and swimming (I love the feeling of just floating).

6. Home improvements: Knocking down and few walls and making the kitchen more user friendly. I hate, hate having to dig for my spices or the pots and pans. Julia Child's is haunting me and telling me I need to get it together in the kitchen.

As always, wish me luck.

06 February 2012

I've been obsessed with Pinterest for the last month.

I wanted to see if it would replace much of my blogging. And strangly it did. It made me realize that my blog is a place to share what I want to say.

Using Pinterest has made it easy to bookmark a site or reference an image.

The change really happened with my first pin. 132 repines in less than a month and 72 likes on Facebook from people I didn't know.

Wow. There are others who love Steel Magnolias as much as I do.

I'm using my boards as place to story board projects, archive inspiration, compile pulls for packaging, branding, and retail.

My gut tells me that Pinterest users are mostly women. But I could be wrong. I look forward to pinning and creating more boards.

06 January 2012

Digi Love

I'm always surprised when I see fans of the Cox Digi. The admiration is interesting and well sometimes scary.

05 January 2012

Trying something new

I'm not sure if I will continue to use blogger as my resting place for inspiration. I think I need a digital makeover. I'm using blogger as much as I have in the past. I'm trying to customize this blog and I'm finding the options offered a bit dry. So if you see the skin change, just know I'm working on it. But my blogger day maybe numbered. Reviewing Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous... To name a few. I have to be real with how I'm working and wanting to share.