08 February 2012

The Age of Distraction

Is it the Age of Information or really the Age of Distraction? I don't feel like I even have the brainpower or the time to devote in dissecting the topic.

I know I feel better when I can focus and when I moderate my internet play. I've been thinking about how distracted I've been and how forgetful, overwhelmed or down right lack of time to do anything besides just getting what is hot done first. Okay wait that wasn't a well written sentence. But you get the idea.

In doing a little research (meaning google search), I'm not the only one who has been describing our generation.

I'm not the only one:
Jason Oberholtzer with Forbes Article 1, Article 2,
Focus A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction by Leo Babauta
Edudemic  If is it is hard for adults, what about our kids?
Johann Hari: Why we need books.

With lent approaching, it is time again to consider how to simplify and slow down. The articles and free book above seem like a quick and easy place to start.

As Kenny Rogers sang, "...know when to walk away and when to run..." seems fitting. I'm not much of a gambler but I'm willing to bet that having a media fast is in order to get back in touch with what really matters and with what my role is in the world.

Oh goodness, who doesn't love Kenny Rogers! This picture looks like Sean Connery.

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