07 February 2012


Having a baby has changed everything. What did I do before Charlie? I can't imagine what life would be like without him and I'm thinking about having another!


Right now I'm working on getting back into my "design" routine. There is so much new work to show that I'm afraid will become old work if I don't get my stuff together. And defining how to spend my time and where to put my efforts.

I love being a Mom now. I just don't want to miss a moment of Charlie. Hence its time to rethink everything. How we eat, shop, buy, spend time, and what do I want to discover next.

1. Not eating out for 1 year. So far so good. One month down and a blog to come out shortly.

2. Growing Sweet Potato Vines- One regular potato, one organic and one from the farmers market. Inspired by this little lady:

Bud Nip? Chlorproham? Cancer? She is amazing. So I'm going to see if I can do the same test at home.
Don't judge, inspiration can come from anyone.

3. Working at night after dinner and putting baby to bed. What is my new routine?

4. Fasting from T.V. and Facebook for lent. I'm going to do this again. Back in 2009 I did this and it had a profound effect on my life. I read more, cooked more, cleaned more and over all had more time for prayer and deep thinking. I felt centered and gained a greater view of my world and role.

5. Always on the flipping list. Yoga (although I pray to Jesus when doing the poses), Running, Biking (favorite!) and swimming (I love the feeling of just floating).

6. Home improvements: Knocking down and few walls and making the kitchen more user friendly. I hate, hate having to dig for my spices or the pots and pans. Julia Child's is haunting me and telling me I need to get it together in the kitchen.

As always, wish me luck.

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