15 February 2012

Red Robin | Banzai Love You

The Periscope Digital peeps are hard at work making lots of cool stuff. This campaign caught my eye and is gaining major social media tread.

Red Robin Banzai Campaign

The contest is for those who discover the link either on Facebook, Twitter or a QRCode on the bottom of an in-store table topper. Guest what channel is kicking ass with hits. The QRCode!!! What! Its on the bottom of the table topper. NOTE: Periscope didn't have control over where another agency placed this icon. And some say QRCodes don't work. (Using the right tactics for the right audience. A one size fits all solution is NEVER the answer.)

Red Robin Fans are amazing!

Love this campaign as much as I love burgers and fries. Nice work comrades.

Images of what People are posting on Twitter

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