25 May 2012

Updated Logo for Chloe's Fight

Wow! With so much going on at work and at home, I'm truly blessed and honored to be working on with Erica and Philip Barnes on Chloe's Fight.

This special angel lost her life to MLD, at age 2. She is such an inspiration to her parents. She has given them the courage to continue her fight against MLD with annual 5K run, walk, stroll. This is the second year hosting the event to take place on Oct. 20, 2012!!!

They asked if I would be willing to donate my time. Like I could say no. Look at that baby face.

I was asked to design and streamline the look to allow for different forms of printing.
The first designer, Melissa, who is just an angel for donating her time, had a great concept to use Chloe's profile. Hearts were important as well to Chloe's old sister Eva. After Chloe passed, each time Eva saw a heart it reminded her of Chloe. What a sweet symbol of love. All I did was really make it Chloe's profile and simplify the mark.

I told Erica and Philip this week that "it is just so right to have your champion lead the charge when someone comes into contact with your event. She is why it is so important to raise awareness and funds. It is your story and your humble "power of one" to find a cure that allows others to participate, inspire their passion and give of themselves.  I humbly say this...as your event continues grow, she will become the reason for why it matters to find a cure to many."

Here is the new mark!
Eva... I got the heart in!
and I've illustrated Chloe's profile to truly make it her. 
I can't tell you just how right it felt to help these people.

I feel like I learned so much already from Erica and Philip even thought they have been saying that of me. 

One idea I keep revisiting, would it be great to do profiles of the whole family as a gift to them. 

Well more to come. This project makes me feel so thankful and great. This was the outlet I needed. I feel like this project truly matters. 

And its pink people!

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