08 October 2013

Vine and Breaking Bad

I'm such a proud mama...well so to speak. Kyle G, a designer on my team here at Periscope, commissioned illustrator Allen Brewer to illustrate AMC Breaking Bad's main charter Walter White for one of the clients we love working on Cox Communication. Wow that was a long sentence.

With this year's season finale, Kyle wanted to showcase Walter's 5 seasons of change during the coarse of the show.

The collaboration was just brilliant. Hats off Kyle.

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27 September 2013

I first learned of Stephen Hawking from my mother at an early age. I'm still in awe of this man. He is able imagine, solve and explain great mysteries of the Universe without ever writing anything down. I have to write a grocery list. I can't imagine defining black wholes and solving quantum physics equations without the use of a pen.

While I do believe in God and Jesus, Mr. Hawking may always wonder. That is his brilliance. I have to think a great mind like his is a believer.

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26 June 2013

The chore of shopping into an art

Brendan O'Connell an artist is taking packaging as his main inspiration. 
Quotes of this week:

Share and share a like. 

Simply is never easy. 

Let your words speak like, not death. 
(meaning speak loving words, not words of destruction)

(not sure who said any of the above, but they sure are great.)

21 May 2013

Target Summer Promotion

It is so funny to see summer finally here in Minnesota. Here is Target's Summer Overlay. I'm a sucker for really interesting displays and typography. 

We had an idea for a summer promotion last year that was super hero themed. While I'm glad for many reasons we didn't go in that direction, this is classic and fun. 

My only wish was to see more of it around other areas of the store. 

Save up, super Moms. 

I did buy the plate, placemate and cup for Charlie. He loved it!

17 May 2013

Wallgreens Virtual Mirror

Don't hate. I went from drab to fab just by scanning a few cosmetics. I wish this is how I could shop for clothes. And then have an online closet of outfits to pull from.

If you are in Chicago, and at the flagship Wallgreens, its worth the trip to the second floor.

Retail Living Poster

The Living Poster at Retail.

Hallmark really got it right. Not only do you not have to stop to watch the whole thing to get it, but its well executed.

I missed you!

I'm back. I have something in the world to say. So I blog. (oh... my inner Yoda came out) Confession:
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can't spell.Forgive the typos.

First topic! Sarah's my new partner in crime at The Scope. And I love her. Our nickname for each other is wifey. She is the new Acct. Supervisor on the account. What an amazing fit and what a great partner.

Global Shop this spring was amazing!

Went with clients and really love walking the vendor floor space. It was clear this will be a retail conference I repeat.

Below: Digital Signage
I was on the hunt for digital signage and the back-end to support the video loop. Mood really had a nice booth and an interesting system. This will be in every store in the future. I think the most impactful would be the grocery store. Yum!

You know I'm going to want to touch it! Make demos big! Think theatre, drama when creating interactive displays in a retail space. I will want this table for my 2 year old at home.

 Go big or go home. I need to get this size screen a store. Talk about a living wall.

Below: Fabric Architecture
I'm not sure when I can use the firm below. Hello! Amazing. Just got more information in the mail this past week.

Below: Digital Fabrics
With a longer lead time on a project, I'd like to take more time thinking about using this medium at retail. Not only could it be interactive but it is modular and easy to update. For pieces that change often like price, this could be use for mild to wild ideas.

11 January 2013

After Baby Everything Changes

What happened to my blog?
I used to care for it, feed it with new posts weekly if not daily.
After having a baby and keeping a very busy job, I must say I just can't do it all.

This was a safe place to store my inspiration, share what I'm dreaming about or what I'm working toward. I miss it. But I now have concerns over how much to share.

This blog's purpose has changed for me several times since starting in 2005. Is it about my love for retail design or how I cooked at home for almost a year without eating out or is it how I archive what inspires me?

Are we sharing to much?
I don't even check or post to Facebook anymore. My tweets have disappeared and this blog has become desolate.

There is a lot of noise today. A culture feeding on the unimportant. It is the shiny object syndrome...rather pandemic. Will I just be adding to the noise?

And lastly, I'm painfully aware that what you put out there does define you. Right now I'm still figuring what I want to say. You will be judged on how you say it. So I guess this past year I wasn't interested in saying much. I started blogging as a social experiment. It was exciting and it feed my ego. I've changed and grown so much since then. My ego is less important. When I think back I was just starting my last year in design school. Much has changed for me. Including this blog.

In closing, abandon or write?