11 January 2013

After Baby Everything Changes

What happened to my blog?
I used to care for it, feed it with new posts weekly if not daily.
After having a baby and keeping a very busy job, I must say I just can't do it all.

This was a safe place to store my inspiration, share what I'm dreaming about or what I'm working toward. I miss it. But I now have concerns over how much to share.

This blog's purpose has changed for me several times since starting in 2005. Is it about my love for retail design or how I cooked at home for almost a year without eating out or is it how I archive what inspires me?

Are we sharing to much?
I don't even check or post to Facebook anymore. My tweets have disappeared and this blog has become desolate.

There is a lot of noise today. A culture feeding on the unimportant. It is the shiny object syndrome...rather pandemic. Will I just be adding to the noise?

And lastly, I'm painfully aware that what you put out there does define you. Right now I'm still figuring what I want to say. You will be judged on how you say it. So I guess this past year I wasn't interested in saying much. I started blogging as a social experiment. It was exciting and it feed my ego. I've changed and grown so much since then. My ego is less important. When I think back I was just starting my last year in design school. Much has changed for me. Including this blog.

In closing, abandon or write? 

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Anonymous said...

I have just happened across your blog - and I was touched by this last post. Just want to tell you that your words really resonated with me (at home with with the three kids under four whilst trying to drive a career!). Thanks you for giving me something substantive to think about, and best wishes for the future.