11 June 2015

Lowe's Innovation Labs & 3D printing

The Lowe’s Companies created Lowe’s Innovation Labs to develop technologies that create new experiences for consumers. In April, the Labs introduced an in-store 3D scanning and printing service to Orchard Supply Hardware of Mountain View to help DIY customers get a vision out of their head and bring it to life in a physical object.
You can buy a 3D printer at Home Depot and many other retailers. But the real story here isn't the Lowe's Innovation Lab or 3D printing.Its is the rapid early adoption of a new technology. We are finding government and corporations running fast toward innovation and improvement. What we see with 3D printing is one of fastest adoptions of tech in our history. Human centered design is king. From retail to digital experiences we are more focused on this spectrum of innovation to improvement than ever before. Both require a different mindset. For retailers it is a constant evaluation of where they fall within that spectrum. Another interesting retail test from Lowe's: Retail Service Robots
Source Forbes

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